A modified method of solving the pressure–rate deconvolution problem for identification of wellbore–reservoir system

2021 - Vladimir Vasin - Georgy Skorik - Fabrice Toussaint

A deconvolution method for the pressure rate problem for oil and for gas wells

Exhumation charge: The last gasp of a petroleum source rock and implications for unconventional shale resources

2016 - Joseph English - Kara English - Dermot Corcoran - Fabrice Toussaint

Herein, we demonstrate that, if the source rock is exhumed to shallower depths after peak burial, pore pressure reduction and the associated volumetric expansion of the petroleum – particularly of the gaseous – phase in the pore system will result in the discharge of additional petroleum into the adjacent carrier bed or reservoir formations

SPE-Reappraisal of the G Time Concept in Mini-Frac Analysis

2012 - R. C. Bachman; D. A. Walters; R. A. Hawkes; Fabrice Toussaint; A.. Settari

New combination plots are then developed for each flow regime to further assist in closure pressure determination.

Perforating Technique Produced Best Gas Flow Rate Ever Measured in Devonian Reservoir in Algeria

2012 - Fabrice Toussaint; Jim Dalton; Cesar Gama; Simon Koundjou; Simon Moge Ali

A recent perforating program performed with guns deployed by wireline and tubing conveyance in two Devonian wells followed an engineered perforation design and provided the best gas flow rates ever measured for this formation even without any further fracture stimulation